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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

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Applicant Tracking Systems & Applicant Tracking Features put you in the Drivers Seat!

In recent years, many HR professionals had the enviable situation of looking at an almost overwhelming pool of qualified candidates. The applications piled up and all you had to do, thanks to pre-selection features and customized vetting, was just close your eyes and grab one of those highly qualified applications at random. Well, perhaps it wasn’t quite that easy, but you had many, many great candidates to choose from.

And of course, you may still. The field of people looking for jobs, whether in education, automotive, financial, fitness, the health field, and many others, continues to outnumber the positions available. Below is a chart from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, published in January 2017, that shows there are more applicants overall than there are jobs. But as you can see, that gap is closing and the power is shifting to Applicant Tracking Systems.

Job Openings Jan 2017 That’s great news for everyone, but makes for a very competitive climate when you’re looking for the best, most highly qualified applicants.


These days, the top applicant tracking software goes far beyond organizing, tracking and sorting applications. These advanced applicant Tracking features provide your company with talent recruitment, onboarding, and management all in one place. Furthermore, recruitment applicant software is no longer a passive tool for across-the-board incoming applications. Now, the best ATS software is designed to actively reach out -- via social media and other applicant recruitment tools -- specifically to coveted candidates and turn them into part of your standby talent pool. While you may not currently have a position open for them, this customizable applicant tracking system feature keeps them in the loop with updates, creating a living network of quality candidates. Add to that the fact that your company can sample high-quality, free applicant tracking systems, and you can see that opting for ATS software is a win-win situation.

LIFE IN THE FAST LANE The most advanced ATS systems offer an innovative downloadable app that allows potential applicants to submit a preliminary, short-form application “on-the-go” from their smart phones. This makes applying for a position not only easier (meaning accessible to all mobile devices), it also allows you to pre-set skills and requirements that will sort out less qualified candidates. It’s easy for them, makes your time more efficient, and speeds up the whole process for everyone.

BOTH YOU AND YOUR CANDIDATE CAN STEER THE INTERVIEW PROCESS With the right HCM process that incorporates an end-to-end ATS, not only can you reach out to the right applicants (using your company’s specific criteria), but applicants can seek you out and apply via applicant video interviews (again, responding specifically to your company’s customized questions). This saves enormous amounts of time, energy, and money for everyone. Observing your candidate via applicant video interviews reveals so much more than a phone call, and narrows down the cast of in-person interviews significantly.

NOW, YOU’RE ON EASY STREET Of course, applicant tracking systems are as varied as cars. It all depends upon what you are looking for. Ease of use? Efficiency? Streamlined or fancy? Big or small? Affordability? All of these applicant tracking features are important and once you decide what you need, there’s an applicant tracking system to suit you. The best ones though, are those that can reflect your company’s culture and present a friendly, honest and straightforward face to potential employees. With the right applicant tracking systems software, sitting in the driver’s seat just got a whole lot easier.