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Friday, March 03, 2017

PatrickFriday, March 03, 2017


Why Employers and Recruiters need an Applicant Tracking System?

Applicant Tracking Systems Save Time

Employers and Recruiters have noted that once the initial time to learn the ATS Software is behind them, they have saved more time utilizing automated social sharing, email template management, video interviews completed by applicants, and more. Many Recruiters have noted that an Applicant Tracking Systems ability to automate social recruitment can greatly reduce hiring time.

Applicant Tracking Systems Save Money

Large and small businesses can benefit financially from the implementation of an Applicant Tracking System. After considering Job Ads, Agency Fees, and Employee hours, it is known that hiring can cost an average of $3500 in the US per employee. A company with 8+ employees will find out that they are actually saving money by using ATS Software.

Applicant Tracking Systems Features Reduce Hassle

Many ATS Software implementations, such as ApplicantOne, tailor to your company's needs and timeline. In most cases your ATS Software will be up and running within a few days with jobs feeding into your custom Career Page. The ApplicantOne ATS Software includes a Dedicated Account Manager, Consultation and Web-Based Training, Custom Report Development, Minimal Technical Resources Required, Data exports and direct integration options with your HRIS/Payroll system; as well as Background Screening, and Drug Testing providers. Background Screening can be electonically scheduled and results can be viewed all within the ApplicantOne system.

Applicant Tracking Systems Drive Recruitment Strategy

It is known that Applicant Tracking Systems gather and store large amounts of data about your applicants. This data can be used at a later time to analyze the type of applicants being gathered from your Career Page. This analysis will help you better realize what strategies are working and those that are not.

Applicant Tracking Systems Ensure Compliance

ATS Software helps you avoid compliance issues that can happen without a well organized, trackable and structured hiring process. Having a compliance problem in the evaluation and hiring process can be a costly mistake. Applicant Tracking System Software can help you avoid such mistakes with consistant, auditable process to ensure you are compliant and not discriminatory.

It is important to understand that just like any implementation it will take time to streamline the process of using an Applicant Tracking System and benefiting from the enhanced features.