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Friday, March 31, 2017

PatrickFriday, March 31, 2017


What is the best way to format your resume for an Applicant Tracking System

How to format your resume for an Applicant Tracking System

With the growing use of Applicant Tracking Systems by many small and large corporations alike, it is very important to understand how to best format and structure your resume before submitting it to an Applicant Tracking System. There are many formatting and font features that work well in a small face to face interview process, but are not ideal to be used when submitting to ATS Software.

13 Tips to Succeeding when Submitting your Resume to an Applicant Tracking System

  1. Ensure your Name and the Targeted Job Title are in the Heading.
  2. Avoid Unique Headings and use conventional ones like Knowledge, Skills, Abilities,Summary, Work Experience, and Education.
  3. Avoid fancy editing and character symbols as they will not show up in an ATS.
  4. Do Not use Bullet Points or Special Fonts as they will not render correctly.
  5. Use basic fonts like Arial, Impact, Georgia, Courier, Lucind and Tahoma. A good rule is to test your resume in a Text File to see how it shows up.
  6. Avoid colored fonts and backgrounds and make sure your text is black and your background is white.
  7. Make sure you avoid underlining words as it can affect the legibility of certain letters such as j, y, g, etc...
  8. Check your resume for spelling errors as it is a common mistake and can mean a deduction by the ATS Software.
  9. Be sure to include your Contact Information in the resume Body and not the Header or Footer.
  10. Save your resume in a .doc and .txt format to ensure all formatting shows clearly.
  11. Avoid document templates as they contain markup language within them that Applicant Tracking Systems cannot read.
  12. Do not include page numbers in your resume as ATS Software does not recognize it.
  13. Write your Employment History and all Categories in the same format, and be sure to list in reverse chronological order with your last job first.

Follow these above Tips and this will give you a better chance of obtaining the position in which you are applying!