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Friday, April 21, 2017

PatrickFriday, April 21, 2017


Is your Applicant Tracking System up to date with the latest features?

When you first purchased your Applicant Tracking System Software Social-media may not have been a feature that was incorporated. If you are looking to upgrade or purchase ATS Software make sure this is an included feature. Social media recruitment is very much in the mainstream today. Applicant Tracking Systems incorporating this functonality will allow your recruitment team the ability to quickly and easily distribute jobs across all major media social-networks and track an applicants profile and status updates!

It is also a necessity to ensure the Applicant Tracking System Software you chose has Smart Phone integration. Recent surveys put out by Comscore show that over 80% of jobseekers use smart phones to search for available jobs. Ensure that your HR department is seeking an Applicant Tracking System that has some form of smart phone optimized features. This can include features as simple as being mobile friendly and as advanced as allowing for applicant tracking video interviews over the mobile phone! If your ATS Software is lacking mobile friendly formats it is a good time to consider upgrading.

Does your current or prospective ATS Software allow for Cloud-Enabled Applicant Tracking? As our workforce becomes increasingly mobile it is now a necessity to be able to work from anywhere! In a recent Forrester survey it is noted that nearly 60% of US employees are now telecommuting. Cloud enabled ATS Recruitment Software allows your recruiters to access the system and all its features from any browser and computer on the internet.

It is important when shopping for ATS Software to ensure your Applicant Tracking System has an online application portal. This is a feature that has been around for many years, but has greatly improved since the inception of ATS Software. If you are currently using an out dated online application portal it is definitely a good time to upgrade. Why? It is known that modern online application portals are now more geared towards usability and allow publishing directly to popular job boards as well as job search engines! These two features alone will save your company time and money in the hiring process.

Your current Applicant Tracking Software should have enhanced resume parsing functionality. The resume parsing capability will automatically read resumes from the email or web and create shortlists that are vital to your HR department. Make certain that the ATS Software you are using or considering purchasing uses a sophisticated enough algorithm that can process a broad range of resume formats. This will deliver much better quality candidate matching and a more accurate shortlist for your HR department. You will also want to puchase an Applicant Tracking System that is providing easily extractable reports.

Lastly, it is imperative to know the task automation that is possible with your new Applicant Tracking System. A great ATS Software will automate most if not all of the laborious manual tasks. Speak to your HR department and find out if there are any tasks that are slowing down workflow and can be imporved by using or upgrading your Applicant Tracking Software.