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Wednesday, May 03, 2017

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Applicant Tracking Systems Boost Hiring

The inability to hire quality new employees has resulted in a record unemployment rate. This has in turn has affected the ability of many companies to perform well. We have seen the quality of company products and services decline as a result. This has become a bad situation for everyone as companies are forced to cut back on jobs that are necessary to higher quality standards. Applicants are finding themselves out of jobs.

The good news is that there has been a upswing in the economy that is allowing more companies to begin hiring again. HR departments in many companies that have seen little activity in recent years are beginning to see a lot more as their companies are able to afford to fill necessary jobs once again. This hiring trend should continue to improve as the economy slowly recovers.

What are these companies doing to ensure they can gain the highest quality applicants and fill the growing applicant job demand? They are implementing or updating their current Applicant Tracking Systems and Applicant Tracking System Features to meet the growing demand of the market.

As people are applying to job openings in unprecedented numbers and HR departments are discovering the need for a more efficient way to track everyone that has applied for different positions they are turning to ATS Software to boost hiring time and save money. The older time-tested filing system isn't working anymore. With so many applicants, more advanced methods and features of tracking are necessary. This is why many companies are turning to Applicant Tracking Systems to save time, money, and increase quality filtered hiring.

Applicant tracking systems allow HR departments to input applicant information into a large database/cloud. The ATS software logs each applicant, their qualifications, and the position to which they are applying. Searching applicants based on the position they applied has become a very simple task whether at the job or remotely. Finding people who are good matches for a particular job and retrieving information from prior applicants when new jobs come up is much easier with Applicant Tracking Software. Employee referral programs can even be attached to the Applicant Tracking Software to make it easy to reward someone who referred a successful applicant and further boost hiring with built in ATS Software incentives. As more companies begin hiring and even recruiting large numbers of people again, the use of an Applicant Tracking System is going to become an invaluable tool in the hiring process for HR departments across the country.

If your company has not yet implemented an Applicant Tracking System or is currently using outdated ATS Software that lacks Social Media Integration, Video Integrated Interviews and more; It is time you streamline the hiring process with Applicant Tracking Software today!