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Monday, June 05, 2017

PatrickMonday, June 05, 2017


The ApplicantOne "Applicant Tracking System" Benefits users with Unique Custom Features!

The goal of the ApplicantOne "Applicant Tracking System" is to not only Eliminate Paperwork, Automate Workflows, and allow Quick Access to Key Information, but to also give our users a unique tailored experience by providing multiple custom features that are not found in all Applicant Tracking Software today.

ApplicantOne provides Employee Referrals which make it easy for employees to share jobs within their network of colleagues and friends, enabling more employee referrals.

Users also have the ability to Create a Custom Career Page that can list every job opening with complete descriptions, and accept applications for multiple openings at once. This enables our users the ability to Showcase all job openings on their website, Create and customize a career page that reflects their brand and theme and allow candidates to apply for multiple job openings and update their profiles. This makes it easier to locate and reach the best talent and streamline the hiring process with our Applicant Tracking System. To simply the process our users can set up their own online application to identify top talent with pre-screening questions designed by them.

Our Applicant Tracking System also includes many other value added features to enhance, streamline, and simply the user process.

Hiring Workflows and Alerts - Workflow rules help automate your entire recruiting processes. They are a set of rules (i.e. email alerts, tasks, updates) that are executed when a specified condition is met. Workflow tasks are assigned when a specific workflow rule is triggered. Our Applicant Tracking System allows you to customize hiring workflows. Workflow alerts are pre-defined by the system and will automatically send email notifications a workflow rule is triggered.

Data Parsing and Candidate Scoring - With our Applicant Tracking Software’s data parsing engine, the days of manually handling hundreds of resumes in different formats and entering and managing resume data are over. Increase your efficiency and reduce clicks by leveraging our parsing technology to extract information – no matter where you find it – to pre-populate fields in our candidate, contact, and job records modules.

Quickly process a number of resumes all at once, Automatically save resume data onto the candidate database, and Parse resumes from multiple sources.

An important, additional feature of our parsing technology is that it allows scoring of key criteria identified by you. For example, you can set knock out criteria or grading based on metrics you define (i.e. a minimum of 3 years’ sales experience). Our parsing engine will then generate an applicant score (based on the criteria you define) which is viewable for your consideration before you begin the time-consuming process of opening and reviewing resumes of candidates (which do not have the required qualifications or experience for the particular position). This allows you to focus your energy where it is best served – on the highest scoring candidates that meet your pre-defined criteria.

Track Applicant Status - Customize, track and manage each stage of the recruiting process with our Applicant Tracking Software. See all applicants for a position on a single screen, and filter by pre-selected criteria including location.

HR Software Integrations - The ability of an Applicant Tracking Solution to integrate effectively with your HR software (i.e. HRIS, HRMS) is critical. ApplicantONE has dozens of integrations with leading HR software service providers, proving effective and seamless data sharing. Once a candidate is stored within ApplicantONE, data can be easily transferred to employee information within your preferred HRIS and HRMS solution. ApplicantONE is one of the essential tools in your HR deck. To be effective, ALL of your HR tools must work in unison. Our industry leading integration technology allows ApplicantONE to talk and work with your other HR systems, eliminating manual input and back and forth.

Our seamless integration with your existing HR software allows you to avoid the potential mistake of going with a so-called “all-in-one” solution. Many of our clients report that the Applicant Tracking System component of their former “all-in-one” solution seemed almost as an afterthought or plug in to the primary HRIS/HRMS components. Why settle or compromise for a shell of an ATS solution when you can have a robust and functional ApplicantONE system which fully integrates with your HR software?

Reporting on Key Metrics - Our Applicant Tracking Solution’s ability to provide robust reporting on key metrics allows you to measure information including cost per hire and timing to fill positions for a greater ROI. Our system provides you with insight through interactive dashboards and quick reports on key data, including source of hire, time to fill, and cost per hire, allowing an effective recruiting strategy. Accurate and timely information is critical to making informed business decisions. Our Applicant Tracking Software’s analytic tools provide a quick overview of job status, interviews scheduled and candidates, enabling informed and effective decision making.

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