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Monday, July 17, 2017

PatrickMonday, July 17, 2017


Applicant Tracking Systems Accelerate your Hiring Process!

Here are a few key ways that utilizing an Applicant Tracking System in your business will accelerate the hiring process.

Building a Talent Pool - A Talent Pool is essential to help recruiters stay in touch with top talent until the perfect job opens up. An (ATS) Applicant Tracking System will help your recruiters and hiring managers stay in communication with the candidates even when there is not an open position. This will help your candidates stay interested and possibly fill a similar role in which they did not initially apply.

Candidate Communication - The continued communication with a candidate during the hiring process is essential to understand which step the candidate or hiring manager/recruiter have left off on and how to proceed. This ability in the ATS coupled with an internal email communication system allows everyone on the team; as well as the candidates to understand where the process is and who is next to act in the hiring process. The integrated email feature will ensure each party can formulate a quick message or send an attachment to one another without having to use an outside email client.

Prequalification - The pre-screening stage is imperative to engaging a candidate for the first time with an Applicant Tracking Video Interview and more. It is essential for recruiters to identify minimum qualifications at this time in order to ensure they are only talking to the most qualified candidates. The Applicant Tracking System will collect critical data about candidates that will help recruiters spend the least amount of time narrowing down the top applicants!

Administrative Tasks - Applicant Tracking Systems have streamlined the tiresome process of many administrative tasks. ApplicantOne's Applicant Tracking System is designed to handle pre-screens and video interviews, onboarding tasks, drug screening, background checks, and the entering of new hires into the payroll system with a few easy steps. The integration of ApplicantOne's mobile format allows for global communication between candidates and recruiters.

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