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Thursday, August 03, 2017

PatrickThursday, August 03, 2017


What are Applicant Tracking System Video Interviews?

With the Video Interview solution you can set invitation expirations to ensure a timely response from candidates. Videos can be forwarded to your hiring team for any feedback and collaboration. Also, ApplicantOne offers the Video Interview solution for all Applicant Tracking System clients and does not outsource videos. Our Video Interviewing solutions are done in-house and come with no additional costs to your subscription.

Utilize Applicant Tracking Video Interviews to ask the difficult questions you will need to know before spending extra time, money and resources to schedule a face to face. The best part about the Video Interview is your ability to share it with you team to gain more perspectives and find the very best talent! You can also utilize the ApplicantOne Tracking System to invite candidates to respond to questions that you or your team may have had during or after viewing the pre-screening video interview.

The Video Interview software and many other features provided with our Applicant Tracking System will allow your team to evaluate and rate applicants. The Rating feature will make it easier in the future to identify top talent in your database.

You can tailor not only the Applicant Tracking System but the Video Interview software we provide so you can use the recruiting process and workflow that works best for you. If at once your process changes in your hiring, our Applicant Tracking System is here to meet your needs.

Visit our Features page to learn more about our Applicant Tracking System and how it can save your company time and money. Get Started today with our Free Applicant Tracking System Trial!