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Thursday, August 31, 2017

PatrickThursday, August 31, 2017


How do you decide what is a good Applicant Tracking System?

The very first thing to remember when approaching an Applicant Tracking System is your Business Identity. There are many Applicant Tracking Systems and some may work great for other companies while they fall short for yours. This is okay as long as you realize you need to find a company that will listen to and understand your requirements and specific needs. Many Applicant Tracking System companies do offer specific tailored and easy to use systems; as well as provide a recruiting platform with a ATS. Have a look at our Applicant Tracking System Free Trial here at ApplicantOne to see how easy it is to customize to meet your business needs!

It is imperative you chose an Applicant Tracking System that allows your entire recruiting team to work collaboratively on the platform. Most ATS Software now comes well equipped with auto reminders and automated calendar embedding. All in all the Applicant Tracking System you choose for your business should be simple for all participants to use and communicate from anywhere in the world.

Is your company currently leveraging social media? If not, you could be missing out on a lot of great talent! Most Applicant Tracking Systems these days are fully equipped with Social Media Recruiting or they are probably not worth checking out. Try out Applicant Tracking System Free Trials to test the Social Media Integration and other tools to ensure it works well. It is important not to underestimate the amount of Applicants there are on Social Media outlets looking for Jobs. This was an outstanding addition to many industry ATS's as it helped revolutionize the mobile recruitment process.

The Applicant Tracking System that you decide to use should have very a quick and accurate candidate search tool. ATS Search tools should search quickly and easily allowing you to find the exact candidates you are searching for; as well as use the proper resume parsing to ensure the most accurate results. If you test out the Applicant Tracking System Trial on an ATS be sure you are satisfied with the search.

Lastly, make sure the software you decide to use for your company allows for easy integration with your current website or anything else that may need to be integrated with it. This would also include an ATS that understands you may have a need to migrate data to the newer applicantion.

Try our Applicant Tracking System Free Trial here at ApplicantOne and see if we are the correct fit!