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Thursday, October 12, 2017

PatrickThursday, October 12, 2017


Can your Applicant Tracking System create a Customize Career Page?

Our Applicant Tracking System provides users with an Activity Quick View. This features allows the user to quickly view a snapshot of all the activities on a particular prospect. This will help to allow you to better streamline the decision making process. Our Applicant Tracking System also comes equipped with an Employee Referral System to allow associates the ability to share with their peronsal and/or professional networks.

ApplicantOne has taken the time to streamline your next Applicant Tracking System purchase so it will be your last. We automate the process to save you time by eliminating the need to send notices to prospects, including interview reminders and follow ups.

With our Applicant Tracking Solution, all communications with applicants include your company logo and information, personalizing the candidate’s experience with your brand, which is essential to securing the very best talent. Send emails or text messages to a single candidate or batch your communications based on criteria you define. Our configurable, easy to use email templates enable you to quickly and easily communicate with applicants every step of the way, keeping them engaged and informed.

Posting job openings is simple! Our Applicant Tracking System allows you to post to your company’s website and to the industry’s leading job boards (i.e. CareerBuilder, Monster, Indeed) and social media sites with just one click. ApplicantONE makes reaching the most talented candidates easier. We seamlessly integrate with the leading job boards, making it easier for you to attract top talent without having to switch between multiple browser tabs/screens.

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